There has never been more choice available for dental treatment. New techniques can save teeth that would previously have been lost, restore teeth that are missing or improve your smile. Whatever it is you want for your teeth whether it is routine dental care or cosmetic treatment we can provide – it’s your choice. Of course the basis for any successful treatment is good dental health and we aim to provide this for all our patients.

Dental health

The best treatment we can provide is to help you prevent dental disease. That is why we place such emphasis on prevention, which can be effective for all ages not just children. Our aim therefore is to prevent disease in the first place, and where it has occured, prevent it from happening again. For these reasons the hygienist plays such a vital part in modern dentistry helping to prevent not just gum disease but decay. Dental disease is preventable by a combination of good diet, good oral hygiene and good dental care. We aim to empower all our patients to achieve good dental health. Dental health is a goal in itself but once achieved opens a whole range of other treatments.

Your choice

It is our aim to provide every patient with good dental health through quality preventive and restorative treatment plans. Once you have a healthy mouth you benefit from many different treatments now available such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. And even if you don’t need any of these treatments the fact that your mouth is healthy means that your teeth will look and feel great. Once you have good dental health the choice is yours. Silver fillings can be replaced with tooth coloured restorations. Newer crowns can be made that have a more natural appearance. Tooth shape, position and colour can be altered by veneers. Teeth can be whitened. Dental implants can be placed to replace missing teeth. All can help you enjoy a brighter, more natural smile, building confidence and comfort.